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BAT Logic - to NOT row in the same shoes!

You also hate that:
- do most of the ships have size 48 shoes?
- the rowing shoes have holes, the Velcro no longer works?
- do you have to put your feet in running shoes at the beginning of the training?

All this can be avoided by using your own shoes, which can be changed quickly and easily with BAT Logic's quick-release insole system.

How does the BAT Logic system work?

You can simply click it in or take it out with one click and you can transfer it to another boat or from a boat to an ergo, while always providing the best for your feet, and even protecting you from various pathogens that you could catch due to the use of shared equipment.

BAT logic quick-release insole

Why is this the easiest choice?

  • compatible with most types of boats
  • compatible with most types of rowing shoes
  • also compatible with a rowing ergometer
  • can also be used for foot control
  • does not require maintenance

Why is it a suitable choice for rowing clubs?

  • each rower can use his own shoes according to his size and needs
  • thus increasing the lifespan of the shoes
  • wet shoes can be quickly dried in the changing room after training

BAT logic quick-release insole

What are the benefits of using it?

- Longer shoe life

- Hygiene - you can row in your own shoes in every boat

- Wet shoes can be dried faster when removed from the boat

- Right size

- Increases performance
Thanks to the specific biomechanical development, it increases the use of the hamstrings and glutes during rowing, thereby increasing power transmission, efficiency and performance.

- Easy use

Just click on/off to use your own shoes to row. Easy to install, even easier to use.

- Increased stability and - fit
ShoePlate Pro product line helps your foot fit better, so it can transfer more power during impact. It increases stability, so you can feel the boat running even more.

- Better hygiene
When you consider that about a quarter of the population suffers from fungal infections, would you really use the shoes after another? This way you have the opportunity to use your own shoes. The quick release is compatible with all well-known brands of rowing shoes.

- Scientifically supported, tested in competitions

The ShoePlate Pro insert and quick release were developed based on observations of more than 2,000 rowers and several sports science studies. ShoePlate Pro has proven itself, as it was used by four gold-medal winning teams at the 2012 Olympics, and hundreds of medals were won by elite competitors at world competitions, not to mention 13 world records on erg and water. In addition to elite teams, various school, university and recreational athletes also like to use it.

The BAT Logic quick release system and various types of rowing shoes are available in our webshop.

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