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Boat maintenance & new Filippi cleaning agent

Remember: the life of the boat can be extended by regular cleaning and maintenance.

How to clean the boat correctly?


After daily use, with clean water and a soft sponge.
In case of greasy dirt, add neutral soap.

Metal parts

Same as the hull. Don't forget the regular greasing of the rotors. But avoid using lubricants that can damage plastic or metal parts.
The durability of metal parts can be increased by using Teflon gel or white lithium grease.

In the case of permanent yellowing of the hull / scale deposits:

After removing the boat's metal parts and footrest, clean the hull with a descaling agent in a shaded area protected from sunlight (20 minutes of action time, then thoroughly rinse with clean water).


If the result is still unsatisfactory, polishing is recommended. The paint, which has been used by Filippi for 40 years, is applied to the boats in such a quantity that it allows for several polishings during the life of the boat. In any case, we recommend that you contact a specialist regarding the polishing of the boat! At high speeds, the paint may chip off.

New Filippi cleanser

Filippi tested an environmentally friendly nanotechnology cleaning process, as a result of which a family of cleaning products was put on the market. The liquid forms a protective layer on the boat, which also increases scratch resistance and protection against corrosion for 6 months per treatment. The new cleaning kit is now available at Filippi partners, including in our webshop.

Source: Filippi Boats News

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