Secumar VIVO 100 life jacket

Secumar VIVO 100 life jacket

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The VIVO 100 life jacket allows optimal freedom of movement. The new model has a manual inflation device.

The very short cut life jacket is very comfortable to wear because of its low weight. It is so light that it doesn't bother you even on longer tours and therefore offers an unnoticeable but high level of safety.

Comfort and freedom of movement

The extremely short, slim shape offers maximum freedom of movement. Body-hugging, non-bulking fit. Very light weight.


The SECUMAR VIVO 100 is equipped with the patented manual automatic trigger SECUMATIC 301SM. This inflation device has a small green indicator that indicates that the vest is ready for use. If the bracket is missing, the vest was triggered without the CO2 cartridge being replaced.

Putting on and taking off

Putting on and taking off the life jacket is very easy thanks to the lightweight SECUMAR front closure; it is put on like a normal jacket.


Floating body and protective cover can be separated from each other and replaced individually in the SECUMAR SERVICE. The Secumar 15 SR should be serviced by a Secumar dealer every 2 years. You can send the life jacket to us for this purpose. The service costs €58.

Applied standards DIN EN ISO 12402-4 (CE mark)

  • Buoyancy class (CE): 100 N
  • Buoyancy type/inflation technology: Inflatable / manual release SECU 301SM
  • Buoyancy/CO2 cartridge: 110 N / 22 g
  • Height/body weight: from 50 kg
  • Floating body system: Floating body signal yellow 3M® reflective strips
  • Standard equipment: neck fleece, plastic quick-release fastener, signal whistle, adjustable back strap, reflective strips in the back area
  • Color: Dark Blue/Orange
  • Harness: No
  • Closure: front
  • Emergency light: No