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5 things we love about rowing girls

1. Warrior Amazons 

They are not afraid of weights and challenges. In the gym and on the ergo, they can often embarrass the boys with their performance and endurance. They don't shy away from competition even during everyday training. 

2. Nature lovers 

Since rowing is basically an outdoor sport, they are used to the weather: they don't whine when the wind blows, it rains, or the sun is strong. And not even if they get wet. It is part of their life.
During regular training, they observe and follow the changes in nature with pleasure: the color of the sunset, the shape of the clouds, or the birth of the ducklings.

3. They like to eat 

Rowing is a sport that burns a lot of calories. This needs to be replaced. Rowing girls like to eat well.
If you go to a restaurant with them, it may happen that while they cast longing glances at your plate, the question is asked: "Do you still want to eat that on your plate...?" 

4. Their physique and tanned skin 

Most of the rowing girls are taller than average, which is why they stand out. Rowing moves 90% of the muscles, so their body structure is very proportional, muscular, tight and their posture is very beautiful, dignified in a queenly way.
They spend a lot of time outside in the sun, so already at the beginning of May, their skin color looks like they just came back from a Caribbean vacation. In summer, our unique sex pill is the traces of training clothes on the skin, which remain white: socks, one-piece panties, sunglasses. 

5. They are silly, loose and independent 

Rowing is a tough girl sport, and tough girls see life as an adventure. They are determined, independent and proud. They like to joke, are silly, loose and not easily offended. 

Pictures: Bálint Czucz, rowingjewelry.com
Text:  https://www.rowingjewelry.com/blogs/news/5-reasons-why-you-should-date-a-female-rower

And if we like rowing chicks, they deserve some attention.
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