Training settings on the SpeedCoach GPS2 cadence meter

You will need NK SpeedCoach GPS2 Training Pack for the settings below.

SpeedCoach must be switched on.

Press the back button on the far right to access the main menu. "WORKOUTS" is the first item in the menu. Press the back button again to select, so you can:

- Do your last workout on SpeedCoach

- Do a single workout in meters; the default setting is 2000 meters

- Complete a single workout by time; the default setting is 30 minutes

-Do an interval workout

All of these are adjustable.

Set up distance-based training:

Press the down button (second from the right) to highlight "Single Distance".

Then press the back button (on the right side) to select "2000 M".

Use the up and down buttons (the middle two) to change the distance

Time-based workouts can be set up in the same way:

Press the down button until "Single Time" is displayed.

Press back to select hours

Use the up and down keys to change the hours

Press the back button again to select the minute part,

Set the number of minutes using the up and down buttons

Press back again to select seconds.

If you press the back button again, it is possible to run the training. If you don't want to run the workout, press the back button (far left).

Interval training programs can be set in the same way as single distance and single time training sessions:

Press the down button until "Intervals ..." is selected

Press the back button.

The SpeedCoach GPS 2 Training Pack program has six basic workouts. You can change any of them:

Press the back button again to select the first workout.

Press the down button to highlight the aspects of the workout you want to change.

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