Discover the world of French YA'FABRIK organic luxury: yoga and fitness equipment reimagined

YA's revolutionary fitness and yoga gear combines style, functionality and comfort.
In the YA'FABRIK workshop in Tourcoing, northern France, unique design products are made with great care: by hand; impeccable, made of natural materials such as leather, vegan leather, cork or spelled shell. During production, an important aspect is sustainability - to produce as little waste and residues as possible - and durability.

Get to know YA'FABRIK's innovative, versatile sports equipment:

  • YaFu meditation cushion
  • YaMat cork yoga and fitness mat 
  • YaBelt yoga strap and
  • YaElasko stretch ball with handle

In our article, we present the unique properties and advantages of the devices.

YaFu meditation cushion

Designed for meditation to provide perfect support for your lower back during long practice sessions - raising the pelvis just enough to provide a comfortable fit. Round shape, 32 cm in diameter, with a small handle on the side so you can easily put it away; with environmentally friendly spelled shell filling; in several color combinations, with a hand-stitched genuine leather or vegan leather exterior.

Thanks to its well-designed appearance, you can even use it as an everyday seat cushion in the living room.

YaMat cork yoga and fitness mat

It combines all the advantages of yoga and fitness mats so that you don't have to choose. It serves well for floor exercises of any sport. The goal of the designers of the mat was to create a sustainable, premium device made of natural materials without chemicals, which ensures a good feeling of well-being while performing the exercises.

Made of natural rubber and cork. With its thickness of 4 mm, it is optimally cushioned and ensures stability during exercises. It has a non-slip, pleasant to the touch, waterproof, antimicrobial surface - which resists the colonization of pathogens - and is very easy to clean.

YaBelt yoga strap

A durable and multi-functional strap.
It is suitable for carrying any sports or yoga mat: simply roll up your mat, loop it through the strap and tighten it. You can even throw it over your shoulder and carry it.
But you can use it not only for carrying: thanks to its reinforced material, it can also be used perfectly as a yoga strap without the risk of deformation.
With its length of 180 cm, it will be suitable for everyone to perform stretching exercises. Available in genuine leather and vegan leather.

YA'Elasko stretch ball

A special lightweight ball, made of genuine leather or vegan leather, filled with spelled shell, with removable straps. Sonja Laskowski, a renowned stretching and posture improvement specialist from London, is the inventor of the ELASKO method, designed for freestyle stretching and posture improvement exercises.
With the help of the ball, you can dynamically move the muscles of the whole body. The light weight of the ball (0.7 kg) provides optimal extra load during exercises, which does not overload the joints, but makes stretching more efficient. Thanks to the handles, it can be easily held during tasks.
With the unique mobilization technique put together by the creator, it also improves the posture of the upper body. During exercises performed lying on the floor, it creates more space between the neck and shoulders, thus opening up the upper body. During the "rolling in the air technique" exercises, it mobilizes the joints of the shoulders, elbows and wrists.
Movement with the Ya'Elasko ball increases strength and blood flow in the upper body while releasing negative tension: this ball is therefore the perfect warm-up, recovery or rehabilitation tool for sports such as tennis, squash, baseball or golf .
The ball is a FREE STRETCH | ENERGY | It comes with the BALANCE program, technical videos and music training videos.

In the YA app you can find examples of exercises in English and French >>

Discover the world of YaFabrik and experience how these remarkable devices change the time you spend doing sports!

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