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Martial arts elegantly in your home

Practicing combat sports has many benefits, both physically and mentally.


Practicing martial arts enables full-body training and develops strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.


Practicing martial arts, in addition to the physical benefits, offers a great opportunity to build self-confidence, face challenges, let off steam and relieve stress.

The handmade, design box tools of the French YA'FABRIK provide you with an elegant look for practicing in your home. In the workshop in Tourcoing, northern France, unique design products are made with great care: by hand; impeccable, made of natural materials such as leather, vegan leather, cork or spelled shell. During production, an important aspect is sustainability - to produce as little waste and residues as possible - and durability. Their innovative martial arts equipment has been developed by a team of martial arts specialists, allowing users to develop a full range of techniques.

YA'FI freestanding punching bag

YaFi freestanding punching bag

Whether you are an amateur or a professional martial artist, this is the ideal tool for training at home. French boxing, English boxing, kick boxing, taekwondo, Muay Thai...

YA'FI will be your right partner in practice:
improve your technique and performance against a tough opponent!

YA'FI is not just a free-standing punching bag - with its height of 1.75 m and weight of 75 kg, it is a real training partner.

The very first product of the French company YA'FABRIK, which is also the company's flagship. The device was created for strength training and the development of martial arts techniques. It is suitable for both amateurs and professional athletes, it is simple and intuitive to use.

Its exterior is design, inspired by the vintage box style. The outer cover is 100% vegan leather, which is durable and easy to clean. Thanks to the straps at the bottom and top, it is easy to move and can also be used with additional rubber bands and straps, which makes the number of exercises that can be performed with it even wider.

Inside the bag, a high-density foam core provides realistic resistance that simulates the feeling of being hit by an opponent. Memory foam provides gentle shock absorption and helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders: it absorbs vibrations while providing a real impact sensation.

The sturdy base is weighed down by four concrete blocks, eliminating the need for wall or ceiling mounting and allowing for 30° tilting.

YA'FIGHT hanging punching bag

YaFight hanging punching bag

The classic hanging punching bag can also be found in the YA'FABRIK product range. Its weight can be increased from 8.5 kg to 33.5 kg with additional weights. The outer cover is 100% vegan leather, which is durable and easy to clean.

In the YA app you can find examples of exercises in English and French >>

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