The latest Filippi single rowers have arrived: F69 and F70

After long research and development, in April 2022, Filippi presented two of its latest single-row racing boat models. Filippi has set itself no less a goal than to create the world's fastest rowing boat for elite athletes.

Filippi F70 single oar boat

Which are these two models? 

Model F69 

  • 1x female adult boat
  • length 7.79 m
  • width 28 cm
  • For rowers weighing 75-85 kg
Filippi F 69 rowing boatFilippi F 69 rowing boat
Filippi F 69 rowing boat
Filippi F 69 rowing boat
Filippi F 69 rowing boat
Filippi F 69 rowing boat

Model F70 

  • 1x male adult boat
  • length: 8.34 m
  • width 28.4 cm
  • For rowers weighing 90-100 kg 
Filippi F70 rowing boat
Filippi F70 rowing boat

Filippi F70 rowing boat

Filippi F70 rowing boat
Filippi F70 rowing boat
Filippi F70 rowing boat

What are the most important innovations? 

F69 single rower 

  • New ship design based on the F52 quad. 
  • Equipped with the latest series lighter rear wing fork from Carbon Aliante (CWA). The boat is optimized for this type of fork. 
  • The hull is reinforced with an extra layer - High Modulus carbon fabric - at the fork connection. This makes it 400% stiffer at the connection than standard carbon fabric boats, but does not increase the total weight of the boat. This also contributes to significantly less energy being absorbed by the hull during rowing, and all energy is used to help progress. 
  • The F69 shape is wider and higher than the stern, thus providing greater stability when taking on water: the boat trims less, so the entire invested energy is used for moving forward. 
  • At a strike rate of 32-34, the trimming of the ship is reduced to a minimum. 
  • The lower outline of the ship shifted towards the stern of the ship - a slight banana shape. 
  • The svert was placed towards the middle of the ship, thereby helping to provide greater stability. 
  • The F69 shape is recommended primarily for female riders. 

F70 single rower 

  • It is recommended for 90-100kg riders, thus providing an alternative for those for whom the F14 and F47 models are small, but the F39 form is too big. 
  • Similar to the F69 shape, the boat is optimized for the CWA fork, the contour of the bottom has shifted towards the stern of the boat - slightly banana-shaped. 
  • The narrower bow enables greater speed at the moment of release. This is exactly the opposite of the F39 hull. At the same time, the bow and the front part of the ship have a larger volume than the F14 ship. 
  • Its waterline is slightly "heavy": the ship's draft is limited. Designed to provide maximum top speed with a significantly more stable high average speed. The increase in speed is also helped by a significant reduction of the wetted surface. 
  • These new features are most effective at a strike number of 38–42. 
  • The rear deck is directly connected to the seating area. This increases the longitudinal bending stiffness, giving the ship unprecedented strength. 

Both models are characterized by: 

  • The rails are made of heat-treated aluminum, with min. They last 3 years longer than the average rails of other manufacturers. 
  • The C profile supporting the tulip shaft is made of heat-treated aluminum, which keeps it in a stable position. This allows for maximum power transfer without twisting or bending. This ensures that the transmission of power from the tulip to the fork fully supports the progress. 
  • The car can be ordered with the already standard 4 in 1 wheelchair system. 
  • The footrest is made entirely of carbon fiber materials, making it very light and stiff. This greatly contributes to the fact that invested energy is not absorbed in the hull, but is directed to the forward progress of the ship. 
  • The number plate holder is made of pressed carbon with a more aerodynamic shape. It holds the start number stably and saves weight compared to traditional start number holders. 
  • The boat can also be ordered with AeroFin, which enables significantly more efficient steering and higher stability. 
  • Extra kindness from the manufacturer: a shoulder protection patch on the front of the boat in the middle, which makes it more comfortable to move the boat on the shore. 

Watch the full presentation video, which was made in a truly exclusive location, in the Ship History Museum in Pisa:


If you want to buy or rent a new or used Filippi boat, contact the official Hungarian distributor, !

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