Nielsen-Kellerman Voiceover in Dragon Ship

Sound system in Dragon Boat with the Nielsen-Kellerman CoxBox mini sound system

The little brother of the CoxBox system, the CoxBox Mini, is much smaller, but just as resistant and loud as its big brothers. The mini contains only the booster system element, so it is easier to carry and does not require any extra storage in the boat or carrying bag for use during competitions and training, or it can simply be clipped onto competition clothing or worn by the helmsman or drummer with a wrist strap.

The system is completed by connecting the cables and speakers.

• Depending on the need, it can be used either by the drummer or the helmsman. •

Special Dragon Boat cabling is available, so different crews can connect it to the drummer's or helmsman's side as they wish.

The speakers are connected to the boat with screw clamps.

The system can be equipped with 1-2-3 speakers depending on the size of the boat.

Dragon ship cable drums

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