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New sports watch from Polar! Polar - IGNITE 3 TITAN

Polar presents the Polar Ignite 3 Titanium

With the Polar Ignite 3 Titanium watch, Polar Electro, the world leader in fitness, sports and health consulting, has created a new generation of fitness smartwatches. With the release of the titanium version, all Polar Ignite 3 models are equipped with new functions in terms of training management and health status monitoring.

Packaged in a beautiful design and made of premium materials. More than 150 selectable sport profiles and an improved Dual Band GPS have been added to the options already known and used by Polar users. The ring is made of strong and light titanium, for the watch strap you can choose a soft silicone or a robust leather wrist strap in a bronze shade. You can also customize the watch to your own style with several optional wristbands.

Polar Ignite 3 Titanium has completely new, unique features, such as nighttime skin temperature measurement and real-time exercise-rest management. This allows users to find an even better balance between exercise and rest by optimizing fitness and sleep routines. This makes personal guidance the most advanced watch yet.

"It's the newest member of the Ignite family," said Sander Werring, CEO of Polar Electro. - the Polar Ignite 3 Titanium goes beyond its predecessor's Red Dot award-winning design, with ultra-premium materials and new features for the perfect guidance, allowing users to better control their personal circadian rhythms."
Get to know your body even better with improved control for optimal recovery Polar Ignite 3 Titanium is designed to help users rest and recharge, ready for their next workout.

SleepWise™, the daytime alertness guide first introduced with the launch of the Polar Ignite 3, is now available in the watch's menu. The all-new Nighttime Skin Temperature feature measures your temperature while you sleep and provides daily updates to your average over the previous 28 days. A rise in temperature can be a sign of an impending flu, along with heart rate changes or breathing changes. Women can also use these temperature readings to track their menstrual cycle.

The Ignite Titanium 3 is also equipped with a new Exercise-Rest Guidance system that analyzes your heart rate during the active and resting phases of your workout to help you get the most out of your workout. This feature tells you exactly how long you should rest between sets for optimal results. Whether the goal is to increase muscle mass or improve endurance during HIIT training.

- Good news! -

Exercise-rest guidance, nighttime skin temperature measurement and all other improvements will be available to users of Polar Ignite 3 watches through a software update when the Polar Ignite 3 Titanium is launched on the market!

High quality components are Scandinavian design, this latest watch takes Scandinavian design to the next level. The extremely tough, yet sensitive Gorilla Glass 3.0 lens protects the easy-to-use AMOLED touch screen. The screen is easy to read in all conditions; it doesn't matter how bright the sun is or how dark the night is. The display is equipped with a strong and light, 100% titanium bezel, giving your Polar watch a sleek, new look.
In addition to the functions and design characteristic of Polar, this new watch is also simply great and goes beyond what is expected of a smart watch. Polar Ignite 3 Titanium is up to 2 times faster than Polar Ignite 1 and 2, and the battery lasts up to 5 days on a single charge. Users can also take advantage of Dual Band GPS, which reduces the positioning error rate by up to half compared to previous generations.

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