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Battery Blue Ocean/Coxbox | Nielsen-Kellerman

Battery Blue Ocean/Coxbox | Nielsen-Kellerman

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CoxBox GPS includes all the basic functions of CoxBox 08 and CoxBox Core, but with a more efficient and slimmer design.

Basic functions:

  • Wireless impact rate measurement - like other devices, the impact rate is measured with a motion sensor, the method of measuring by wires and magnets placed under the seat is a thing of the past.
  • The one-piece bezel and large, easy-to-read display allow for a more robust and waterproof design.
  • The buttons are precisely positioned and provide a complete seal, reducing the ingress of water into the device. Thanks to the adapted structure, the CoxBox is smaller in size.
  • The new cylindrical battery design provides more than 10 hours of battery life and more reliable, longer-lasting charging.
  • The "monobloc connector" for the microphone, charger/data cable and speaker is located on the side, so the cables are easier to manage and the data is easier to read from the front panel.
  • The stable socket design prevents twisting and bending of the plug inserts and protects pins and sockets from damage.
  • CoxBox GPS is a combination of the functions of CoxBox Core and SpeedCoach GPS II, with more functions to come in the future, see the comparison table below.

Additional functions of CoxBox GPS:

  • Speed ​​measurement (GPS)
  • Data storage
  • Cumulative partial times
  • Distance per blow
  • Current strike speed
  • LiNK Logbook streaming compatible

LiNK for Windows
LiNK for Mac OS X

  • EmPower Oarlock compatible
  • Compatible with soon-to-be-available SMART modules such as impact indicators, impeller, boat lights and fast charger.