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RP3S dynamic ergometer
RP3S dynamic ergometer
RP3S dynamic ergometer
RP3S dynamic ergometer
RP3S dynamic ergometer

RP3S dynamic ergometer

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A joyful experience close to water rowing in your room! The RP3 is the latest version of the dynamic ergometer, providing a perfected simulation of water rowing.

The predecessors of the RP3 have contributed to the training of several Olympic champions since 1988, and the developer and his team redesigned the original machine a few years ago. This is how the RP3 appeared, with which you can experience an experience similar to water rowing during training. Just like a racing boat, the RP3 is extremely sensitive to good technique, thanks to which possible coordination errors can be quickly identified and corrected. However, the RP3 is not only ideal for professional riders for land training, but also an excellent home fitness machine if you want to keep in shape.

Why choose RP3?

  • It provides the experience and flow of rowing in a boat.
  • Injuries become preventable as this machine puts less pressure on your back, knees, spine and ribs.
  • You can better understand the physics of rowing, so you can develop your technique much more efficiently.
  • You can also train at a competitive pace on dry land.
  • It develops your coordination and muscles in a similar way to water rowing.

With the help of the RP3, you can perfect the technique of catching water and pulling through, which is essential for efficient rowing, and you can learn how to use your body, limbs, and muscles correctly to move your boat.

How does RP3 provide this?

  • It was built with a moving wheel and a rolling seat
  • The wheel has been lowered
  • The reclined seat encourages the use of the core muscles
  • The resistance can be adjusted according to what is used in your boat
  • A stroke with dynamics similar to rowing
  • You can follow the force curve with your own software
  • The data can be adjusted to your weight and unit
  • Made of stainless steel

The rowing machine software, RP3W, has the following features:

  • Calculates 10 different extra data per stroke, such as pull-through/carriage ratio or point of peak effort
  • The amount of data that can be saved depends only on the available memory
  • All curves can be zoomed and moved
  • Individual workouts can be expanded with additional information, e.g. Type, event, comment
  • A new function, the Training overview, summarizes the data obtained during the given exercise
  • It has a user-friendly interface similar to Windows


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